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Cowboy and western songs
  Boone County Fair   Aug  7-12..I'll be  playing  on the 9th, 10, and llth.  Check the schdule.
Two Rivers Bluegrass is Aug.  24 & 25th...Near Shirland, Ill
  Life Scapes Senior Expo    Thurs. Sept 13.   10-11 AM

My Favorite guitar players:     Tommy Flint, Chet Atkins, Merl Travis
My name is Gene Shepherd, and I'm a guitar player and a multi instrumentalist.  My daughter wants me to say  'guitarist'.   I don't collect instruments, although I do have at least one of every instrument I play.  I view playing music as an enjoyable hobby and a lifelong challenge and a work in progress.  I'm primarily a fingerstlye guitarist and follow the styles of the 3 gentlemen above.  I also play other styles on guitar and other stringed instruments as well as keyboard and accordion. I've been playing music for over 50 years .   I've had wonderful experiences playing in several bands and love and cherish those experiences and players.  I  don't  play in bars or smoking venues.  I entertain at fairs, festivals, churches, gatherings, workshops, demos, horse shows (cowboy songs), polka fests, Oktoberfests,  amd senior livig centers.    I'm a 4th generation fiddler.  My father, Amos,  played music most of his life.  He passed away in 1999 and left a legacy of music that I continue to play. 
Email me for more information or bookings at
Instruments that I play are Guitar--6 and 12 string;  Double Bass upright Kay and Fender electric; Autoharp;  f-5 Mandolin; Banjo--5 string melodic, bluegrass, 5 string clawhammer and 4 string plectrum; Accordion; Harmonica; Fiddle; Hammered Dulcimer, Guitarone (Mariachi style); and  Piano. Some instruments I have mostly mastered and others are in various learning stages. My next project is to acquire a Hardanger Fiddle and play some Norweigian tunes.
After spending 22 years  years playing in one band, I've become a solo muscian and do most of my performing solo,
showcasing several instruments and musical styles.  I'm able to entertain on guitar for more than 2 hours, using no capo, no books, and no picks and play and sing in all major keys.   For bookings and fees email or call me at 608-209-1223.  Songs I have home recorded are delivered by email.  Contact me or go to itunes. 

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